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170.on th fround that ...; in that ... [Grammar]

Dorothy was fired on the ground that she was often absent.

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169.seeing that ...; provided ... [Grammar]

It is no wonder that he does not understand it, seeing (that) he is a mere child.

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168.rather than ~; other than ~ [Grammar]

He seems to be clever rather than honest.

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167. such (...) as ~ [Grammar]

Habits are easily formed ---- especially such as are bad.

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166.such (...) that ~ [Grammar]

It is such a good chance that we must not miss it.

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The snow was whirling so fiercely outside his windows that he could scarcely see across the street.

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164.lest~; for fear ~, [Grammar]

We came in through the back door lest someone should see us.

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163. ..., so (that) ~: so that ... may ~ [Grammar]

The burglars wore gloves, so there were no finger-prints to be found.

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162.however [no matter how] ... [Grammar]

However clever you may be, you can't learn the poem by heart in an hour or so.

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161.adj.(形容詞) as ... [Grammar]

Young as he is, he is thoughtful.
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