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190.(S+S)VX; S(V+V)X [Grammar]

Writing English, not only reading it, helps you become a fluent speaker of it.

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189.S(VX+VX); SV(X+X) [Grammar]

We can produce electricity when we like, and use it so as to make it our servant.

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188.主節(SVX)の挿入 [Grammar]

Sometime in, I think, August, I had the luck to meet him.

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187.関係詞による挿入 [Grammar]

He is good-looking, clever, and, what is best of all, kind to other people.

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186.修飾語句の挿入 [Grammar]

Scientists hope to find in the mountains' structure clues to the earth's creation.

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185.文と名詞との同格 [Grammar]

Man is one of the most adaptable of all living things, an honour which he perhaps shares with his constant companions, the dog and the housefly.

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184.名詞とthat節との同格 [Grammar]

She wanted to conceal the fact that she used to be a salesgirl.

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183.名詞節を含む同格 [Grammar]

I feel that this din contradicts what is good and basic in Japanese life ---neatness, frugality, self-restraint, harmony with nature.

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182.句を含む同格 [Grammar]

The pleasure of imparting opinions in print is by no means confined to professionals, to people who are supposed to know something about a subject because they have been occupied with it for years.

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181.代名詞と名詞との同格 [Grammar]

The staff of the University of Essex were all very hospitable to us foreign professors.

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