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200.複雑な名詞構文 [Grammar]

Contempt of the young for the old is quite natural.

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199."所有格(代)名詞+名詞+前置詞+名詞" [Grammar]

The doctor's careful examination of the patient brought about her speedy recovery.

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198."名詞 of 名詞" [Grammar]

He did not deserve the love of his parents.
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197."所有格(代)名詞+名詞" [Grammar]

The doctor's quick arrival surprised us.

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196.その他の省略形式 [Grammar]

You can use this typewriter, whenever necessary.

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195.補語・修飾語句の省略 [Grammar]

I always tried to say I had been in the wrong when I knew I had been.

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194.述語動詞の省略 [Grammar]

The brother lost his sister, the husband hiswife, the mother her child.

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193.(前置詞+前置詞)名詞 [Grammar]

What you do for and with money shows what kind of person you are.

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192.(名詞+名詞)形容詞句 [Grammar]

Nothing is known for certain, though very much has been speculated, about the origin of language.

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191.(形容詞+形容詞)名詞 [Grammar]

To an adult but uneducated speaker, every-thing but his own language is likely to strike him as somehow unreasonable.
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