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the 11th day in philippines [毎日のノルマ]


Oh? You've been treating us so cold lately.
And? What do you want?
See? He's so cold.
Well, Leader, do you have time right now?
No. I'm going to go running.

"piss off"

You piss me off. I hate short people anyway. And you're so impertinent for some one younger than me.It makes me want to break you. Get lost.

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the 9th day in philippines [毎日のノルマ]

I cannot help laughing at the animation.(kou.nyuu.38)
Apparently, she is an assassin.
Have you ever seen that animation?

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the 5th day in philippines [毎日のノルマ]

That animals can be seen only in local area.(b.70)
What is that monkeys called in Cebu?(b.73)

They were overjoyed at the victry.

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the 3rd day in philippines [毎日のノルマ]

the role of women
the cap of a bottle

You will be laughed at by everybody.(b.75)
Everybody will laugh at you.(b.75)

She was so kind as to take to me to the station.(b.93)

How shold I say this ... my first impressions of you guys are ... I hate you.(Nar)

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