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sommersby [暗記済・英語]



(開始)1:30:40(終了)1:36:03 [L]: Laurel [J]: Jack

[J]: Now, Laurel, you really believe I’m not your husband?
[L]: Yes, you are not.
[J]: But you let everybody believe that I was.
[L]: Yes.
[J]: Why is that?
[L]: Because I wanted you to be him as much as they did.
[J]: Why, Laurel?
[L]: Because I was worn out from work and lonesome. I didn’t want my son.
[J]: You mean, our son?
[L]: No, I didn’t want my son growing up without a father.
[J]: I see. So even when I first come home, from then, you had doubts about me?
[L]: Yes.
[J]: Because I was mean to you?
[L]: No. That’s where you went wrong. Jack Sommersby never said a kind word to me in his life.
[A]: Objection, Your Honor! Is this a court of law? May I humbly remind you that this is a murder trial?
[B]: And may I remind you this court will not try a man for murder….as long as his identity is in question. Now please sit down, sir. Please continue, sir.
[J]: Thank you, your honor
[B]: But I must warn you, you proceed at your own jeopardy.
[J]: Laurel, I think all these people are flat stumped now. These people have known you since you was born. Haven’t you? They may not know everything that you’d do…but they’d know what you wouldn’t. They know you wouldn’t let a man sign contracts with them…if he wasn’t Jack Sommersby. It wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. Meaning…they wouldn’t own anything. You thought of that?
[L]: No, I…
[J]: What about our children? What about them? If I wasn’t Jack Sommersby…what would that make them? What about our little Rachel? “Bastard” is not a very pretty word. Is that what you want?
[L]: No.
[J]: And you? You think you can just go home now with your illegitimate child… and your thief lover? Just tell all these good folks…you’ve been lying to them for a year? They know you better, Laurel.
[L]: Maybe they don’t know me that well.
[J]: Now nobody knows either one of us.
[L]: You can twist it around all you want, but we both know you’re not Jack Sommersby.
[J]: Everybody here knows who I am.I know who I am. The only people who don’t are you and Orin. You make some kind of a deal? With Orin?
[L]: Don’t be ridiculous!
[J]: This man shows up here…with a skunk in a sheet… telling everyone I’m not who I am. What does he expect in return?
[L]: Stop this.
[J]: No, you stop. Tell me, what did you promise him, Laurel?
[L]: I promised that everything would be the way it was before you came.
[J]: Everything would be the way it was before. Except you’d be promised to a man… you don’t love. And I would be some piece of scum named Horace Townsend… serving a few years for fraud.
[L]: At least you wouldn’t hang.
[J]: I wouldn’t have to. I’d be dead already. You care for me, Laurel?
[L]: Yes, of course!
[J]: Then why are you doing this?
[L]: Because you are not Jack Sommersby!
[J]: How do you know?
[L]: A woman knows her husband.
[J]: You’ve got no proof.
[L]: I don’t need any proof!
[J]: Nobody believes you!
[L]: I don’t care. I know how I feel.
[J]: That’s all that matters?
[L]: Yes.
[J]: You’re a hardheaded woman, Laurel!
[L]: You’re a stubborn idiot! You’re not Jack Sommersby, so why do you pretend you are?
(You are not Jack Sommersby, so why do you keep going on pretending that you are?)
[J]: How do you know I’m not?
[L]: I know because…
[J]: How do you know, Laurel?
[L]: I know because…
[J]: How do you know?
[L]: I know because I never loved him the way that I love you.
[J]: So tell me, Laurel, from your heart… Am I your husband?
[L]: Yes, you are.
[J]: Thank you.

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