180.名詞と名詞との同格 [Grammar]

This giant statue, the largest in the world, stands at the entrance to New York Harbour.

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179.O + S + V + C ; S + V + C + O [Grammar]

Those books which have made a lasting contribution to man's quest for truth, we call great books.

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178.O + S + V [Grammar]

One thing my father left to me, and it was more valuable than a fortune.

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177.C + V + S ; C+ S + V [Grammar]

Many and long were the conversations they held through the prison wall.

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176.副詞(句)+ V + S [Grammar]

Down went the bus over the cliff.

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175.only ... + V + S [Grammar]

Only in the lowest elementary schools were girls freely admitted in order that they might learn to read and write.

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174.否定語句 + V + S [Grammar]

Only seldom did she take part in conversation.

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173.There + V + S [Grammar]

A heavy step was heard upon the stairs, and an instant later there entered a tall, ruddy, clean-shaven gentleman.
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172.So + V + S. と Nor + V + S. [Grammar]

The big sitting-room was lighted, and so was the dining-room behind it.

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171."V+S"の語順 [Grammar]

May there never be another world war!

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